Counseling for Adults

     Each person that comes into my office is coming from a unique perspective.  Most come willingly, while others may feel forced by a loved one.  Some individuals have had good counseling experiences in the past and know what to expect, others may be stepping into unknown territory or territory that proved unhelpful years ago.  Counseling may be seen as a path to healing or a path to increased satisfaction with life.  I do not assume to know you; I am not here to judge you; I am here to help.

     I see my role in counseling to help you find healing, relief from distressing symptoms, happiness and success.  I am an active listener and seek to understand your issues and goals.  I am empathic and supportive in nature and encourage the expression of emotions in sessions.  I value honest and direct communication.  I come from the belief that most of us do not need to be taught coping skills, rather we are all coping to the best of our ability.  By utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy, I work to help individuals see negative patterns they are stuck in, their good reasons for these patterns, and offer a path to relief, not further management of symptoms.  I privledge emotion and attachment in my work.

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